I have no special talents.
I am only passionately curious.

Leonardo Rocca

I'm studying languages in high school. What I'll do next is still a mistery. Yet I love photography, videomaking, design, nature, to travel.


I contributed to several projects including websites, videos, short films and photo albums. You can have a look at some of them in the list below.

Projects list
Come si vota? video
Branco website
Mostra Línghún website
GiosJourney. website
Il violino webpage
Il Liutaio del Lago short
Human Bridges video
Esercitazioni short
Immigration in Italy video
gardainvela.com website
Keep Europe United website
Io valgo video
Di Nascosto short
Donne&Futuro video
Immigrant or refugee? video
Perché no? video
Bicentenario Bagatta video
ProgettiBagatta website
StudentiBagatta website
Rocce del Bagatta website

Say hi

You are welcome to contact me via email.
You can find me on LinkedIn as well.